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Hey! I'm V McCoy, they/them pronouns. I'm a student at Occidental college and the showrunner at my studio, Category Seven. I specialize in multimedia work, with an emphasis on video editing, design, and frontend development. I also post my writing on medium sometimes, check it out below.

At Oxy, I'm currently pursuing my undergraduate degree with a double major in Computer Science and MAC (Media, Arts, and Culture - Oxy's sort-of-film program), with a minor in Philosophy.

I'm technically a sponsored skateboarder, and I have a deep appreciation for science fiction. I plan to pursue research, as well as eventually a PhD. If you want to work with me on a creative project, check out my film reel below or my other related projects and works.

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Updated April 2021 [Reel]

2021 [Promo Video, with McKenna Matus]

2018 [Short Documentary]

2020 [Promotional Video]

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