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Category Seven Showrunner and Freelance Video Artist

Hey! My name is Jack McCoy and I'm a student at Occidental College. I specialize in multimedia work, with an emphasis on video editing/film, design, and frontend development. You can work with me on any of this through my studio, Category Seven.

I'm passionate about creating things that help people, in whatever way I can, be it accessible product design or an impactful short film. When I'm not doing my part for the planet through sustainability work, you can find me at the beach attempting what may be called "surfing" or justifying the plot holes of whatever sci-fi rabbit hole I've fallen into. I love all aspects of design, and also try my hand at a variety of coding, technical, and electronics based work, as well as scientific research.

If you want to work together on a project, or discuss new ways to ignore Kant's influence on modern philosophy, reach out!

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