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Hey! I'm V McCoy, they/he pronouns. I'm a student at Occidental college and the showrunner at my studio, Category Seven. I specialize in multimedia work, with an emphasis on video editing, design, and frontend development. I also post my writing on medium sometimes, check it out below.

At Oxy, I'm currently pursuing my undergraduate degree with a double major in Computer Science and MAC (Media, Arts, and Culture - Oxy's sort-of-film program), with a minor in Philosophy.

When I'm not compulsively analyzing whether or not my actions fit Kant's Categorical Imperative, you can find me at the skatepark falling a lot or journeying around the world trying to visit every Stargate and Star Trek filming location before I die. I'm also interested in scientific research, and plan to pursue a PhD in a yet undecided field.

If you're interested in working with me as a video editor, I can bring a unique interdisciplinary approach to any project due to my varied experience. My medium of choice is video, but I am equally adept with the written word and graphic design, and my heavy technical background lends itself well to documentary or multimedia projects. If you're doing art that involves programming or electronics work, I'd be more than excited to work together. If the project benefits the planet in some way, I'll give you a discount on my hourly rate.

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